Dangerous Magic Vol. 1

A Spell Caster’s Grimoire of Forbidden Magic for Dungeons and Dragons

This 124 page player's journal and handbook for spellcasters includes the Dangerous Magic casting rules and 30 Dangerous Magic spells. Plus a formatted spell book for writing your own spells and a journal for recording your game notes.

What’s Inside?

This 124 page full color Spell Caster’s Journal and Grimoire of Forbidden Magic comes with the following

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  • Simple add-on rules for spell casting in Dungeons & Dragons.
  • A d20 Casting table, plus Critical Success and Failure table.
  • The Sacrifice and Ultimate Sacrifice rules for defying the will of the dice.
  • Includes 30 original spells containing their own critical success and failure results.
  • A caster’s Spell book with 30 preformatted pages, so that you can craft Dangerous Magic spells to suit your game and play style.
  • The Observations Obscurus, a 39 page player’s journal for session and campaign notes.


Magic and how it manifests itself within your game should always have a bit of unknowable mystery and danger. Like a map with a warning at the edge 'Here Be Dragons'.

Dangerous Magic Vol. 1


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