The Campaign Journal

For use with Dungeons and Dragons, or your favorite RPG

What’s Inside?

This 120 page Campaign Journal comes with everything you need to keep track of your campaign.

  • Free shipping in the US
  • Including formatted pages to record and run 26 game sessions.
  • Campaign Overview and Session Notes
  • Players Information
  • Characters Details
  • NPCs
  • Special Treasuries, Rewards, and Promises
  • Along with Dot Grid Dungeon and Overland  Hex map pages

Made buy gamers, for gamers

If we're missing something, let us know and we'll make a better one.

Campaign Journal


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This notebook is designed to meet all of your needs for Dungeons & Dragons, or your favorite TTRPG.

Document the players and characters in your campaign. Manage sessions, track rumors and clues, NPCs, quests, victories, rewards, and campaign summaries. Map your dungeon and overland adventures. And memorialize your fallen comrades.

Preserve your adventures for all time. Keep safe the memories and connections you don’t want to lose.

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