The Delver’s Rhyme – Part 8

May 26, 2024 | Uncategorized

In circles we go as tortures grow low, Lost in labyrinths far below.

Still on level 4, the few remaining delvers find themselves utterly lost as their a few remaining torches begin to burn through.

At this point we can assume that any attempt to map their way in and out is a lost cause, either due to despair or the demise of their cartographer.

They encounter a slime of some form and perhaps lose at least one party member in the process.

Worse yet, they realize that they are being hunted in the dark by the unknown.

It’s totally ghouls.

At the end of level 4, diminished in number, lost, and hunted, their lust for gold abandons them.

They come to the realization that their quest for treasure has failed, and even if they stumbled upon a king’s fortune, they’d trade it in instant for fresh air and the warm sun.

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