The Delver’s Rhyme – Part 2

May 26, 2024 | Uncategorized

After completing the bulk of the rhyme and backtracking to add part 1, where our hero decides to sign on for the delve in expedition, I still felt something was missing.

Thinking about the whole thing like our hero was a new military recruit, or maybe a new employee for a mining company, I figure my first time delver was mostly considered expendable, but they needed to at least know enough and be equipped well enough to not be an immediate liability to the rest of the team.

This also sort of reflects a level 1 character and a new player’s first time dungeon delving experience. It certainly reflects mind.

I started playing when I was eight or nine, and got my first character killed in under thirty minutes by separating from the party and wandering into her room by myself, where I was quickly slain in single combat against a lizard man. I cried, rolled up a new character, and was back in the game in a few minutes. Lesson well learned.

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